Human nature study


Totems from all over the world are embedded in his mind. In 1985, Hyeok Lee was born in Busan, Southeast Korea. However, his family came from Southwest Korea. It made him be able to face various Korean traditional cultures. His family believes in Buddhism, so he grew up with a family who bow to the statue, a radio plays monks chant, a book of Buddha, even a paper which is written by a monk and a religious necklace. Also he saw some Korean people bow to Jangseung (village guardian which is a Korean totem pole usually made of wood), and nature. In 2010, he went to Italy to study art, he found many cathedrals, statues, and a lot of people from all over the world who pray for Chatolic god. He saw not only those people but also some people who pray to fountains, nature and  Egypt Obelisk. In 2016, he transferred art university from Milan to Vancouver Canada. And without fail, he found totems of First Nation in Western Canada. He focuses on the psychological relationship between objects and people. Human beings put meaning to various forms of objects and have a sort of psychological relationship with them. To recognizing human nature, he manifests an aesthetic psychological relationship between art and people.

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