Name : Lee, Hyeok (ANTONIO)

Date of Birth : 7, November, 1985​, South Korea

Education :

2011 - 2014 BFA Fine Art, Accademia delle belle arti di Brera, Milano 

2016 - 2021 BFA Fine Art  Emily Carr Art and Design University, Vancouver (transferred from Brera)

Website : https://www.antonio-lee.com/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/antonio_hyeok/

Email : antoniohyeok@gmail.com


Artist Hyeok Lee is a South Korean who currently works and lives in Canada. He explores the diverse and complex human nature, including fury, anxiety, desire, hope, happiness and etc. “The emotions inside human beings, which cannot be separated individually and mutually connected to each other, are the driving forces behind the human life," he says. He expresses an entangled human nature that causes all the issues in human history. 

Solo Exhibition​

2014. 8  Explosion, Gallery MOA, Heyri, South Korea

​​2015. 5  Explosion, Brera Gallery Cafe, Il-san, South Korea​​

2017. 7  Peace. No more war,  Silk Gallery, Port Moody, Canada

2018. 7  Designed War​, Cityart Gallery, Milan, Italy

2020. 2  Human nature, Lamer Gallery, Seoul, South Korea


Group Exhibition

​2013. 3     Associazione Arte Cultura e Sport, Provincial Congress Milan, Milan, Italy

2013. 10   National students’ Art Contest BARI Italy 2013, University of Bari, Italy

2014. 2     Il treno della speranza, Gallery Antonio Battaglia, Milan, Italy

2014. 5    Arte & Civo, Academy of Salerno, Salerno, Italy

2014, 6    ART AWARD OF GRIFFIN 2014, La fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Italy

2014, 9    Trunk teen festival 2014, Gwangiu, South Korea

2018, 6    FLORIBUNDA!, Silk Gallery, Port Moody, Canada

​2020, 5    A World without End, Group online exhibion, no barking aRt Gallery, London, UK


Art Fair / Biennale 

2014. 8  International Art Fair Art Gwangju 2014, Gwangiu, South Korea

2017.11 International Fine art Biennale, Romart2017, Rome, Italy 


2013. 10  National students Art Contest BARI Italy 2013, Italy

2014. 6    ART AWARD OF GRIFFIN 2014, Italy

2017. 12  INTERNATIONAL ART COMPETITION “Patterns" 2017, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, USA



​Provincials Congress Milan, Milan, Italy

Bari Fine Arts Academy, Bari, Italy

Gallery MOA, Heyri, South Korea


Publications & Reviews 

2014 Ivan Quaroni, Premio Griffin 2014, https://ivanquaroni.com/tag/hyeok-lee/ 

2020 전시가이드, Art Magazine S.Korea, Feb 2020, p.76 http://online.flipbuilder.com/crart1004/ajwg/

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